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Depal, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal, PIN: 721453
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NCC Registration

Online form fill-up for admission in UG courses (2022-23) will be started from 18th July, 2022.

Online Admission 2022-2023

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Admission General Helpline

Prof. Sandip Banerjee
Contact No : 9609011775 (10a.m. to 6p.m.)
Prof. Soumen Gangopadhyay
Contact No : 9475891871 (12p.m. to 8p.m.)

Admission Technical Helpline

Contact No : 9064541559
Mail-Id: gestureforu@gmail.com

All Admission Notifications

IDTitleIssue DateExpireDateType
60120 1st Phase Admission Notice 2022 06-08-202230-09-2022Admission Notice
60118 3rd year & 5th Sem Admission notice 02-08-202201-09-2022Admission Notice
60112 Admission Notice 2022 16-07-202230-09-2022Admission Notice
60109 UG ADMISSION NOTICE 2022-2023 12-07-202231-08-2022Admission Notice

All General Notifications

IDTitleIssue DateExpireDateType
60119 2nd sem exam schedule 11-08-202231-08-2022General Notice
60117 5th Student Notice 27-07-202231-08-2022General Notice
60116 Zoology Department Notice 23-07-202223-08-2022General Notice
60115 Notice for NCC Registration 20-07-202231-08-2022General Notice
60114 2nd Sem Exam. 2022 FORM FILUP Guideline VU 17-07-202217-08-2022General Notice
60113 UG 6TH SEM EXAM CORRIGENDUM 17-07-202217-08-2022General Notice
60108 4th Sem UG EXAM GUIDELINES 09-07-202231-07-2022General Notice
60107 4th Sem UG EXAM SCHEDULE 09-07-202231-07-2022General Notice
60105 6th Semester (Hons and General) Practical Examination 2022 Schedule of Department of Zoology 05-07-202230-07-2022General Notice
60104 CORRIGENDUM UG 6TH SEM EXAMINATION NOTICE 2022 30-06-202215-07-2022General Notice
60103 Student notice Dept of Mathematics 28-06-202220-07-2022General Notice
60102 Student Notice 27-06-202227-07-2022General Notice
60101 Student notice Dept of FFM 26-06-202228-07-2022General Notice
60100 Revised exam schedule 6th sem 25-06-202220-07-2022General Notice
60098 4th Sem. 2022 Exam Form Fill up Notice 24-06-202223-07-2022General Notice
60094 6th sem Exam Guidlines 18-06-202213-07-2022General Notice
60093 6th sem exam scheduled 18-06-202220-07-2022General Notice
60092 B.Voc. Part-II Exam Schedule 18-06-202220-07-2022General Notice
60091 Student notice Dept of IFF 15-06-202215-07-2022General Notice
60090 Student notice Dept of IFF 15-06-202215-07-2022General Notice

All Student Notifications

IDTitleIssue DateExpireDateType
60111 Student notice Department of Mathematics 14-07-202231-08-2022Student Notice
60110 Practica Examination B.Sc. Part II (B.Voc) Zoology 12-07-202230-07-2022Student Notice
60106 6th Semester (Hons and General) Practical Examination 2022 Schedule of Department of Zoology 05-07-202230-07-2022Student Notice
60099 4th Sem. 2022 Exam Form Fill up Notice 24-06-202223-07-2022Student Notice
60097 6th sem exam scheduled 18-06-202213-07-2022Student Notice
60096 B.Voc. Part-II Exam Schedule 18-06-202213-07-2022Student Notice
60095 6th sem Exam Guidlines 18-06-202213-07-2022Student Notice